Jordana Herman

Jordana Herman

A lifelong health and fitness devotee, Jordana was looking for a smarter way to stay in shape after the birth of her son in 2001. She wanted something that not only made her look good, but feel good too. She tried Pilates and was hooked. It was the perfect combination of strengthening, stretching, connecting the mind and the body. Pilates made her feel healthier and stronger than ever - it was like finding the fountain of youth. She was so inspired she decided to make a major life change - she closed her health food store to pursue a career in Pilates. Studying with Susan Moran and Bob Liekens of Power Pilates in New York City, and Teacher Trainer Juliet Harvey in Beacon, NY only left her wanting more. In 2010, she became a Power Pilates Teacher Trainer. She's always excited to share the joy of teaching and guide apprentices as they hone their craft. "Teaching fits perfectly into my busy life as a full-time Mom," Jordana says. "There's nothing else I'd rather do than teach Pilates". Enjoying the good life in Beacon, NY and pregnant with her second child, she has no intention of slowing down. She plans to continue sharing her passion for Pilates and remain a student always. She holds a B.A. in English Literature from New York University.

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Jordana Herman
  • 2/22/21 | Reformer COR

    Jordana takes you through an intermediate/advanced COR workout. Equipment: Pilates Wheel, yellow bands, handles.

  • 2/12/21 | Slow Burn DLX

    Jordana takes you through an intermediate/advanced DLX workout. Equipment: Pilates Wheel, anchor system, yellow bands, red bands, handles, foot loops.

  • Master Class , Pelvic Stability

    Meet Jordana Herman, our new Master Class instructor! Here she takes you through a Pilates Wheel workout and explains the finer points of pelvic stability. Equipment: Pilates Wheel