Pilates Wheel posture classes for all levels.

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  • 4/24/20 | Spinal Hygiene

    These days we may be moving less than we normally do and that can lead to back pain and stiffness. There are a host of supporting characters (muscles) in the keeping your spine healthy show. We're going to get them all involved in what we're going to call, your daily spine floss. Enjoy!

  • 3/30/20 | DLX Athletic Workout

    Finding your inner athlete; a DLX workout for all levels. Equipment: Pilates Wheel, anchor system, blue bands, handles.

  • 3/12/20 | Full Body Anchor

    DLX workout with a little bit of everything. Equipment: Pilates Wheel, blue bands, long red bands, foot loops.

  • 3/5/20 | Simple & Effective Full Body

    Straight forward all level full body workout that gives the opportunity to adjust to strength and challenges each individual. Equipment: Pilates Wheel, anchor system, yellow bands, blue bands, red bands, handles, foot loops.

  • 2/12/20 | COR Posterior Body

    A workout that concentrates on the backspace, meaning working on the posterior side of the body. We'll work the back, triceps, hamstring, and glutes, and use the entire backside of the body to splits on the wheel. Equipment: Pilates Wheel, yellow and blue bands, foot loops.

  • 2/10/20 | Powerhouse Classic

    Active full body session. Equipment: Pilates Wheel, short & long red bands, blue bands, handles, foot loops.

  • 1/31/20 | PW Strong: Basic Full Body

    Pilates is lengthening, strengthening, and elongating each of your muscles from your core. Each exercise set in Pilates is a series of progressions through a determined sequence of muscles until fatigue. Rep counts are always low. Movements can be both large and small. Strength training is the pr...

  • 12/19/19 | Strength and Stretch

    A strength and stretch session.
    • Pilates Wheel®
    • Short Red Bands
    • Handles

  • 12/10/19 | PW Strong: Full Body

    Full body DLX workout that works your muscles with push, pull, and rotation.

  • 10/13/19 | Pure Wheel Strength Flow

    Focus on connected strength in core, shoulders, and hips. Equipment: Pilates Wheel®

  • 10/6/19 | Total Spinal Mobility

    A healthy body starts with a healthy spine. In this workout we take a deeper look at all the ways the spines move, focusing on strong and fluid spinal mobility as the gateway to overall health and wellbeing.
    • Pilates Wheel®

  • 10/3/19 | DLX Full Body Strength Workout

    Full body workout that pushes the strength of the body. different cord options to test the bodies limits in strength and stability.
    • Pilates Wheel®
    • Anchor straps/extenders
    • Yellow Bands
    • Short Red Bands
    • Anchor System
    • Foot loops
    • Blue Bands

  • 7/17/19 | Perfect Posture

    Kimmy takes you through a beginner DLX workout.

  • 5/19/21 | Hip Strength and Mobility Series (Part 1)

    This 4-part PW Series and all level class series is designed to address different areas of the hips to gain strength and mobility to deepen, improve and advance the Pilates practice. Part 1 Focus: Glute Maximus: One of the Primary hip extensor muscles. This class will help you to find and activat...