Pilates Wheel

Pilates Wheel

Pilates Wheel classes for all levels.

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Pilates Wheel
  • 11/21/22 | Pre-Pickleball Movement Prep

    As soon as you put those Pickleball clothes on, grab your wheel and do these 5 movements in under 3 minutes. You will be a faster and more focused version of yourself. This means you will definitely have more fun too!

  • 11/11/22 | 25 Minute COR: Beg Spine Stretch & Arm Tone

    Kimmie just uses the wheel on its own to stretch your spine and gently tone your arms. Fantastic for anytime day or night!

  • 9/12/22 | Workday 3x3 Arms & Legs

    By keeping different parts of your Wheel discreetly around the office AND inviting your co-workers to join in, you will see how fast your arms and legs shape up when you spend 3-5 min working them during each workday. Plus your office friends will appreciate you for it too!

  • 9/12/22 | Wind Down Evening Reset & Stretch

    Total body lenghtening and stretch for compressed joints in the neck, back, hips, waist, ankles. Allows for fresh blood flow into areas that get compressed over the course of a usual day. Will increase metobolism before bed and allow for more cellular repair while you sleep or rest.

  • 9/8/22 | Couch Wheel #2

    Lower Body done seated on chair or couch - Bar in Low position works quads, hamstrings, our hips, ankles, calves - some Arms.

  • 9/8/22 | Couch Wheel

    Lowe Body Ab, Ankle, Leg focus. Done while seated on the couch. Perfect while watching TV or other content! Footbar in Upper position.

  • 4/2/22 | DLX 45 Minute

    Full body DLX class that emphasizes flexibility and core strength.

  • 4/1/22 DLX 30 Minute

    Full body 30 min DLX that has a large focuses on the core.

  • 3/31/22 COR 45 Minute

    Full body COR class that tagets the abdominals, legs and arms. with focus on the core during spinal articulation.

  • 3/20/22 | COR 30 Minute

    Full body workout with focus on nuetral spine and the hips

  • 1/22/22 | 30 Minute COR

    30 Min COR class. Full body workout with focus on abdominals hamstrings glutes and arms.

    Equipment: blue and yellow cords, foot loops

  • 1/22/22 | 40 Minute DLX

    Full body workout that layers to increase difficulty to tailor to your strength

    Muscle focus: arm, abs, glutes, back

    Equipment: Blue cords, foot loops, anchor staff, extenders optional

  • 1/22/22 | 45 Minute DLX

    45min DLX Full body workiout that focuses on working the leg and arm side separate but equal to even out muscle strength uneveness.

    Equipment: blue and red long cords, foot loops, anchor half staff. extendors optional for taller clients

  • 1/23/22 | 45 Minute DLX

    Full body workout that focuses on legs, arms, abs, glutes and back

    PW, blue, red long, red short, yellow cords. hand and foot loops, achor 1/2 staff. extenders

  • 12/13/21 | Part 5: Five Days of Fitness: Compound Movements

    Kristin takes you through part 5 of Five Days of Fitness with compound movements for joint health, knee, hips, back and shoulder work.
    Equipment: COR with yellow or blue bands. handles or foot loops.

  • 12/13/21 | Part 4: Five Days of Fitness: Cardio

    Kristin takes you through part 4 of Five Days of Fitness with 7 second cardio: 7 moves for 7 seconds.
    Equipment: COR with yellow or blue bands and handles.

  • 12/13/21 | Part 3: Five Days of Fitness: Leg Wheel Work

    Kristin takes you through part 3 of Five Days of Fitness with Leg Press and Bridge to work your stomach, hips, thighs and arms.
    Equipment: COR with yellow or blue bands, handles or foot loops.

  • 12/13/21 | Part 2: Five Days of Fitness: Standing Arm & Abs

    Kristin takes you part 2 of Five Days of Fitness with Standing Arms & Ab work.
    Equipment: COR with yellow or blue bands, handles or foot loops.

  • 12/13/21 | Part 1: Five Days of Fitness: Full Body Stretch

    Kristin takes you through a 5 minute workout to stretch, lengthen and strengthen with Standing Roll Down and Lying Down Roll Up.
    Equipment: COR, yellow bands, handles

  • 12/13/21 | 5 Days to Fitness Full Video

    Five Days of Fitness. Five segments x 5 minutes. Do one a day or all together for a full body workout.

  • 12/2/21 | Very Beginner Slow Pilates

    Kimmy takes you through a beginner Pilates Wheel DLX workout.

  • 12/1/1 | COR for Core

    Abdominal engagement to help keep your core activated, and for your break between abs you work your glutes and arms.

  • 11/8/21 | Legs, Hips, Abs & Stretch

    This is a seasoned beginner COR workout.

  • 11/7/21 | 30 Minute DLX

    A 30min DLX workout with focus on hamstring, core stabilization, and balance using planks and teasers.