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9/8/22 | Couch Wheel #2

Pilates Wheel | Lower Body • 6m 9s

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  • 9/8/22 | Couch Wheel

    Lowe Body Ab, Ankle, Leg focus. Done while seated on the couch. Perfect while watching TV or other content! Footbar in Upper position.

  • 9/1/21 | COR 45 Minutes

    COR class that focuses on your 3 main glute muscles. This class will give you the option to go light and focus on form, go heavy and feel the burn, or thanks to being on demand, pause, rewind, and do it again to build stamina! The transitions will give you bootie a break between exercises. We wil...

  • How to do "Reformer Style" Leg Slides...

    Kristin will emphasize that this is not an easy move, and you should definitely start slow. Leg slides are very effective no matter how small your range of motion is while doing it!

    Equipment: Pilates Wheel in lower foot bar position, long red band, handle.