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5/28/21 | Hip Strength and Mobility Series (Part 2)

Pilates Wheel | Strength • 42m

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  • 5/19/21 | Hip Strength and Mobility S...

    This 4-part PW Series and all level class series is designed to address different areas of the hips to gain strength and mobility to deepen, improve and advance the Pilates practice. Part 1 Focus: Glute Maximus: One of the Primary hip extensor muscles. This class will help you to find and activat...

  • 7/10/20 | Wheel as Arm Weights

    Kimmy takes you through a COR workout for all levels, with focus on building upper body strength.
    Equipment: Pilates Wheel, blue, yellow, or red bands (your choice), foot loops.

  • 1/31/20 | PW Strong: Basic Full Body

    Pilates is lengthening, strengthening, and elongating each of your muscles from your core. Each exercise set in Pilates is a series of progressions through a determined sequence of muscles until fatigue. Rep counts are always low. Movements can be both large and small. Strength training is the pr...