Pilates Wheel | Full Body

Pilates Wheel | Full Body

Full body Pilates Wheel classes for all levels.

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Pilates Wheel | Full Body
  • 3/17/23 | March MATness Part 3

    Finally, Part 3 builds upon parts 1 & 2 by making us use our abs, hips and back to support us in lenthening and strengthening our arms and legs, while controlling our breathing and various body postions in relation to gravity. Pilates is a methodology and the Classic Mat series is the perfect exa...

  • 3/16/23 | March MATness Part 2

    Part 2 of the MarchMATness series begins after the "Series" of 5, where we use those fired up abs to stretch and strenghten our back, hips and thighs.

  • 3/15/23 | MarchMATness Part 1

    To celebrate March MATness Kristin bring's us the Joe Pilates' Classical mat series broken into 3 parts, beginning with prep work* and taking us through the Series of 5. *Prep work is often the keystone to the Pilates flat-abs effect. Part 1 finishes with the Series of 5. This first part is what ...

  • 12/20/22 | Leaner Legs with Less Back Pain Session 2

    This is the 2nd session in a series of 3, where we follow Kimmy to leaner legs with less back pain. Lots of stretching in this one.

  • 11/21/22 | Pre-Pickleball Movement Prep

    As soon as you put those Pickleball clothes on, grab your wheel and do these 5 movements in under 3 minutes. You will be a faster and more focused version of yourself. This means you will definitely have more fun too!

  • 11/11/22 | 25 Minute COR: Beg Spine Stretch & Arm Tone

    Kimmie just uses the wheel on its own to stretch your spine and gently tone your arms. Fantastic for anytime day or night!

  • 4/2/22 | DLX 45 Minute

    Full body DLX class that emphasizes flexibility and core strength.

  • 4/1/22 DLX 30 Minute

    Full body 30 min DLX that has a large focuses on the core.

  • 3/31/22 COR 45 Minute

    Full body COR class that tagets the abdominals, legs and arms. with focus on the core during spinal articulation.

  • 1/23/22 | 45 Minute DLX

    Full body workout that focuses on legs, arms, abs, glutes and back

    PW, blue, red long, red short, yellow cords. hand and foot loops, achor 1/2 staff. extenders

  • 1/22/22 | 45 Minute DLX

    45min DLX Full body workiout that focuses on working the leg and arm side separate but equal to even out muscle strength uneveness.

    Equipment: blue and red long cords, foot loops, anchor half staff. extendors optional for taller clients

  • 1/22/22 | 40 Minute DLX

    Full body workout that layers to increase difficulty to tailor to your strength

    Muscle focus: arm, abs, glutes, back

    Equipment: Blue cords, foot loops, anchor staff, extenders optional

  • 1/22/22 | 30 Minute COR

    30 Min COR class. Full body workout with focus on abdominals hamstrings glutes and arms.

    Equipment: blue and yellow cords, foot loops

  • 12/13/21 | 5 Days to Fitness Full Video

    Five Days of Fitness. Five segments x 5 minutes. Do one a day or all together for a full body workout.

  • 12/2/21 | Very Beginner Slow Pilates

    Kimmy takes you through a beginner Pilates Wheel DLX workout.

  • 12/1/1 | COR for Core

    Abdominal engagement to help keep your core activated, and for your break between abs you work your glutes and arms.

  • 11/8/21 | Legs, Hips, Abs & Stretch

    This is a seasoned beginner COR workout.

  • 11/7/21 | 30 Minute DLX

    A 30min DLX workout with focus on hamstring, core stabilization, and balance using planks and teasers.

  • 10/30/21 | 30 Minute COR

    Kimmy takes you through a 30 minute COR workout.

  • 9/23/21 | 30 Min. DLX

    Equipment: Pilates Wheel, anchor system, blue bands, handles, foot loops.

  • 9/10/21 | DLX 45 Minutes

    A full body, intermediate DLX class to strengthen and stretch. Equipment: Pilates Wheel, anchor system, extender straps, blue bands, yellow bands, red bands, handles, foot loops.

  • 9/8/21 | COR 30 Minutes

    Full body Pilates workout that focuses on mobility throughout the body. Equipment: Blue bands, yellow bands, handles, foot loops.

  • 9/3/21 | DLX 30 Minutes

    Full body Pilates. This intermediate class will give a full body burn that will activate the arms, glutes, hamstrings, and arms. Equipment: Pilates Wheel, anchor system, extender straps, blue bands, handles, foot loops.

  • 8/27/21 | 45 Min. COR

    A 45-minute full body COR class for beginner and intermediate levels, to challenge the abs, arms, and balance. Options given for both levels. Equipment: Pilates Wheel, blue bands, yellow bands, handles, foot loops.